Short Fiction

“The Hills” in Enter the Aftermath, TANSTAAFL Press (February 2018)

Even in the ruins of Hollywood, there are still the haves and the have-nots.  And forgetting your place can be a deadly mistake.

“Take This, and Eat” in Eldritch Embraces, Dragon’s Roost Press (February 2016)

Oh, the things we swallow for love.

“From Earth I Have Arisen” in Alembical 3, Paper Golem (May 2014)

In the heartland of postapocalyptic America, a masked liberator in a hot-air balloon becomes a symbol of hope and freedom.  But has he gone too far this time?

Wet Work:  A Tale of the Unseen” in Intergalactic Medicine Show (September 2013)

It’s the last night of the competition.  The winner goes to work for a powerful demon.  And the loser . . .

“Doppler Shift” in Launch Pad, Dark Star (September 2013)

An astronaut hero must journey through his own memories to find the source of a paralyzing fear.

“Light Chimes” in Penumbra (March 2013), reprinted in Galaktika (Hungarian, August 2018)

You’re stranded in a canyon on an airless world, but at least the scenery is pretty.  And it may be aware of you.

Odd Jobs” in Buzzy Mag (June 2012)

Hidden helpers are doing small favors for Steve Jacobs.  Is that so wrong?

Right Before Your Very Eyes” in Intergalactic Medicine Show #19 (October 2010)

A tale of magicians, demons, and things that aren’t quite what they seem.

The Woman Who Hated Halloween,” Damnation Books (September 2010)

Someone is playing supernatural pranks on Janine D’Angelo.  And promises to do much worse than that on Halloween night.

“Ashes, Ashes” in Tales of the Unanticipated #30 (April 2010)

What do the living owe the dead?  What do the dead owe the living?

“Canaan” in Jim Baen’s Universe (October 2009)

The new mystery girl in Eric’s life is Not From Around Here.  And some will stop at nothing to send her back.

“Gone Black” in Writers of the Future Volume XXV, Galaxy Press (September 2009)

On an isolated military supply depot, one soldier has become too inquisitive about an alien prisoner of war. (First place winner in the Writers of the Future Contest for the first quarter 2008)

The Multiplicity Has Arrived” in Intergalactic Medicine Show #12 (May 2009)

In over two hundred years of politics in America, not much has changed.  Until now.

Fuel” in Cosmos (online edition, April 2009), audio version available on Escape Pod (episode 263, October 2010)

In a world of athlete worship and biological enhancement, the race is indeed to the swift—but what if you choose not to run?

“The Frankenstein Diaries” in Intergalactic Medicine Show #8 and #9 (April 2008, June 2008)

Can you recreate a lost loved one?  What would happen if you tried?

“Brains” in Farthing #4 (September 2006)

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s how you know it.

Aces and Eights” in Neo-opsis #9 (June 2006)

A group of friends, a game of poker—and an unexpected player who changes the way the cards fall, in more ways than one.

Alan Smithee Lives in Hell” in Here & Now #5/6 (May 2005), also available on AnthologyBuilder

In Hollywood, he’s the backdoor man, the shadow man, the one who can get you out of a jam . . . if you can pay the price.  (A second place winner in the 1997 Science Fiction Writers of Earth Contest.)

“The Alternate History of Arthur Eisen” in Paradox #6 (December 2004)

How many have to die in order for the world to be convinced?

“Ascension” in Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome, Phobos Books (April 2004), also available on AnthologyBuilder

A forbidding mountain on a distant world holds the key to one man’s salvation . . . or damnation.

“Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown” in Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown, Phobos Books (September 2003), also available on AnthologyBuilder

Even in a Tinseltown transformed by technology, some games never change.  (A winner in the 2002 Phobos Fiction Contest.)

“Black Boxes” in Absolute Magnitude #15 (Spring 2001), reprinted in Prime Codex, Paper Golem (May 2007)

Little Brother is watching you.

“Northbound on I-35” in Thin Ice XVI (September 1994)

Night air can do funny things to radio signals.