Progress Report, in which I have Jeff Goldblum explain

Notched another three chapters on the Wet Work rewrite, although I had to cheat a little to do it, by including yesterday’s work in the total.  Hey, Mondays are usually dead time for me, so I’m allowing myself to count it.  Here’s Jeff Goldblum to explain:

Anyway, Magic Meter now stands here:

I’m happy with the fixes I’ve put in.  The first act now bears a much closer resemblance to what I’d originally intended for it.  More work remains to be done, but I feel like I’m on the right track. 

And hey, it occurs to me that I should be doing snippets.  Here’s one:

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Progress Report, in which rewrites and coach seats don’t mix

Back from my trip to Hartford and NYC.  Fabulous times were had, and one important lesson was learned:  if you’re in the middle of a novel rewrite, and you’re flying coach, it’s physically impossible to revise your ms and refer to your handwritten revision notes at the same time.  Furthermore, if the person sitting in front of you has his/her seat reclined, you will be just barely able to open your aging laptop enough to read your monitor.  Attempts to be productive at such times will only result in making you look very, very silly. 

Something to keep in mind.

A whirlwind visit to the Big Apple is also not conducive to writing progress.  But you probably knew that one already.

On the plus side, it’s possible–just barely possible–that inspiration for my next novel has struck.  Gotta play around with this for a bit.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

No updates for Write Club.

Back to the grindstone . . .

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Progress Report, in which I encounter a big if

Rewrote the first four chapters of Wet Work last week, and you know what that means . . . 

Yes, folks, it’s time for the long-awaited return of Magic Meter!

Why, hello, old friend.  I’ve missed you.

All that note-making I’ve been doing over the past several weeks (aka The Roadmap) is apparently paying dividends.  If I can keep up this pace, I’ll have the second draft knocked out by the end of June, latest.

But wouldn’t you know it–I leave tomorrow for Hartford, CT, on day job goodness, and thence to NYC for a little Memorial Day weekend jaunt.  Laptop is primed and ready, so maybe I’ll get some work done on the plane, but anything beyond that is looking kinda doubtful.

So that’s a pretty big if, kids.

While I’m on the subject of the laptop–I’m pleased to report that Dropbox seems to work just fine on a Windows 2000 machine.  I’ve had it on the new PC for a few months now, and have been very pleased with it, but I was unsure if it would install on my aging laptop.  Turns out it did.  This makes my life a little easier, and anything that makes my life easier gets a thumbs-up.  So thank you, Dropbox.  Much obliged.

No updates for Write Club.

Gotta pack now . . .

(And if yer in NYC and available for a meetup with the wife and I, let me know in comments, wouldya?  Maybe we can work something out.)

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