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Progress Report, in which I wobble, but don’t fall down . . . much

Another 5K on Petra Released.  Let’s check out Magic Meter.  Cue the timpani: <waits for applause> <hears crickets chirping> Right. Editor brain is still nagging me about this and that, but he’s a bit easier to ignore at the moment.  … Continue reading

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Attention Portlanders

You lucky, lucky people. Joe Bonamassa, the Greatest Guitarist Alive (TM) is playing the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival on July 3rd. Some of you (and you know who you are) have already heard me rave about him.  Now you get … Continue reading

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Still scared of socialized medicine?

Gas prices making health care hard to afford.I work in the insurance industry, and even I can see this is totally screwed. Much as I love the free market, it ain’t gettin’ the job done here, gang.  It just ain’t.

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