Progress Report, in which I wobble, but don’t fall down . . . much

Another 5K on Petra Released.  Let’s check out Magic Meter.  Cue the timpani:

<waits for applause>

<hears crickets chirping>


Editor brain is still nagging me about this and that, but he’s a bit easier to ignore at the moment.  I’m reveling in the luxury of actually knowing where I’m headed, for at least the next chapter or so.  I’m coming out of that muddled middle.  Soon, I’ll be embarking on the third act, in which several subplots will come crashing together.

This novel is a definitely more complex than Petra, which is a good thing.  Petra, being my first novel in several years, was fairly stripped-down and straightforward–and that was probably just what I needed at that time.  With the new novel, the training wheels have definitely come off.  I’m wobbling my way along, and for the most part managing to keep my balance. 

OK.  I’ve skinned my knees once or twice.  Or three times.

No updates for Write Club.

Wobbling on . . .

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3 Responses to Progress Report, in which I wobble, but don’t fall down . . . much

  1. threeoutside says:


    WOO HOO!!!


    Keep on chuggin’ along, dood. I’m proud of you.

  2. threeoutside says:

    Oh, wait…

    LOL – I can’t read meters. The truth is out. Still – 67500 is MASSIVE!!! And you still rool.

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