“The Frankenstein Diaries,” part two

Issue 9 of Intergalactic Medicine Show, featuring part two of “The Frankenstein Diaries,” is now available!

Check out this table of contents:

“The Tale of Junko and Sayuri” by Peter Beagle
“The Frankenstein Diaries” (part two) by Yours Truly
“Cassie’s Story” by David B. Coe
“No Viviremos Como Presos” by Bradley P. Beaulieu
“Red Road” by David Barr Kirtley
“Blood & Water” by Alethea Kontis
“The God-Voices of Settler’s Rest” by Ken Scholes

Wow.  That is some awesome company I’m in.

Issues are only $2.50 each.  Given that ToC, it’s a bargain at twice the price.

With this issue, you also get to see the rest of the artwork for my story, by Kevin Wasden.  Ain’t it cool?  I love the way Kevin has managed to capture the essence of the piece.

Part one of “The Frankenstein Diaries” is in issue 8.

Happy reading!

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