Progress Report, in which retconning proves therapeutic

Another 5K week for Petra Released, making Magic Meter look like this:

Much stress ensued at the beginning of the week, as I fretted my mysterious second act.  It didn’t help matters that the day job had gotten quite stressful, too.  I was walking around grumpy, ready to tear the head off the next person who crossed me.

And then my muse elbowed me in the ribs, and I saw that I had made a small but crucial mistake at the end of Act One.  It was one of those smack-yourself-in-the-forehead-for-not-seeing-it-sooner moments, something so damned obvious, I couldn’t believe I had let it happen.  But with some very minor retconning–I’ll have to change a sentence or two–a big chunk of plot arc suddenly opened up for me.

I mean, really, folks.  It was a true “Well, duuuuuuh!” thing.

That discovery must have broken a mental logjam, because I discovered I chunk of a separate plot arc shortly thereafter–a nice little bonus.

So I’m feeling better about the project.  And you know what?  My work stress evaporated at about the same time.  The novel that has been giving me so many fits has become therapeutic, at least for the nonce.

Now if I could just figure out my ending.  But that will probably come just in the nick of time, too.  Why not?  That’s how the rest of the project has gone.

In writing-related news, I’ve just learned that I will officially be on program at WorldCon.  Check the program participants page.  See?  There I am.  How about that?  This tickles me to no end.  Let’s just hope that I leave all my stupid at home that week.

I’ll post my schedule when it’s finalized.

No updates for Write Club.

Gotta bail.

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