Progress Report, in which I relate a fact of uncertain significance

Post WorldCon, and back in the writing saddle.  Banged out 5200 words on Petra Released.  Here’s the long-awaited return of Magic Meter:

Maddeningly close to the end, as you can see, but not quite there yet. 

Looks like my original WAG on the length is going to be pretty accurate.  This is weird.  I’m usually terrible at estimating how long a piece will be.  But as with Petra, my projection is going to be very close.  Not sure what that signifies, really, but I thought I’d mention it.

I’m not at all certain how well my climax will work, or even if it will work at all.  By contrast, I felt much better about the ending of Petra.  I suspect much heavy lifting will be needed in the rewrite.

But that, of course, comes later.  Right now, I just need to finish the beastly thing.

I have an update for Write Club, but I’ll save it for its own post.

And on that note . . .

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