Progress Report, in which spring fills the air

Finished another rewrite, got some more mss back into circulation, did a close read of "Wet Work," and made notes regarding same.

Please hold your applause.  It’s not as impressive as it sounds.

I’m not sure how to fix the problems I see with the opening of "Wet Work."  I’m also having a hard time separating this piece from the novel that will follow it.  It’s possible that this story will wind up as a chapter in that novel.

And I realize I’m quite antsy to get started on the next book.  It’s already the end of April.  Soon summer will be upon us, and con season, with all its attendant disruptions to my schedule.   And let’s face it: I ain’t gettin’ any younger, kids.  Gather ye rosebuds, and all that.  I’m oh-so-tempted to just set aside the rewrite of "Wet Work" and jump right into the novel.  That’s the way I’m leaning at the moment, anyway.  I don’t want to put it off even another week.

If I could be reasonably assured of getting the rewrite done in the next day or two, I might reconsider.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  Seriously, I’m just that antsy.  Spring must be in the air, or something.

Some updates for Write Club:

Two tier one rejections from agents, for novel queries.

Nice personal rejection from Shimmer.  Response time, one day.

Movin’ on . . .

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