Progress Report, in which I consider working for the government

Wet Work is another 5.4K further down the road, or so says Magic Meter:

Full disclosure time:  This number is artificially inflated.  I may have mentioned that this novel is being expanded from a short story I wrote last year.  I’ve reached that point in the narrative where I’m folding in great chunks from the short story.  It feels a bit like I’m cheating here–but this stuff needs to be done; it’s essential background.  I’m trying to keep it to a minimum.  Really I am.

That’s me–your one-stop rationalization shop.  Open 24 hours!

Either that, or I should go to work for the government.

The first act is coming to an end–and shaping up nicely, I might add.  In my previous two novels, as I approached the Big Sequences, places where the action was supposed to be picking up, I found myself bogging down in logistics and self-doubt.  Not this time.  I feel like I have a pretty fair handle on the next couple of chapters, and I’m looking forward to charging through them.

And after that?  Good question.  I’ll let you know when I know.

Care for a snippet?  Here ya go:

"You would do well to take me seriously, Salazar."

His laughter tapered off.  "Oh, but I do.  Now more than ever.  What are you hiding, Emily Gordon?"

"I’m angry, that’s all."  But she began to question the wisdom of this phone call.  "I don’t like strangers harassing kids who already have enough problems in their lives."

He chuckled–one last remnant of frivolity.  "Of course.  You know, all of a sudden, I’m very curious about you, Ms. Gordon.  Very curious.  I think my investigation may have just taken a new turn.  I look forward to our next meeting."

"What does that–"

The line went dead.

Emily let the hand holding the receiver fall to her side.  She tilted her head back, eyes closed.  "Bastard."

Outside, the rain drummed on the windows and walls.

One update for Write Club:  Tier one rejection from Escape Pod.  Response time, two weeks.


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