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The Midwestern Jack o’Lantern, in its natural habitat

Just before sunset on October 31st, the reclusive Jack o’Lantern (Halloweenus horribilus) emerges from its lair to lie in wait for hungry trick or treaters.  The photograph of this particularly magnificent specimen was recovered from a digital camera found by … Continue reading

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Progress Report, in which I invoke Doris Day

Banged out another 4.8K on Wet Work.  Quoth Magic Meter: Staying on schedule for October.  Good thing it has 31 days.  My second act is winding down, so it behooves me to figure out how this thing ends.  Sure, I … Continue reading

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Cthulhu 2012 Gobbles “Take This, and Eat”

Word has reached me that Cthuhlu 2012, an anthology of apocalyptic Lovecraftian goodness from Mythos Books, is taking my story "Take This, and Eat." That makes two sales in one week, for those keeping score at home.  Yay!

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