Cthulhu 2012 Gobbles “Take This, and Eat”

Word has reached me that Cthuhlu 2012, an anthology of apocalyptic Lovecraftian goodness from Mythos Books, is taking my story "Take This, and Eat."

That makes two sales in one week, for those keeping score at home.  Yay!

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21 Responses to Cthulhu 2012 Gobbles “Take This, and Eat”

  1. Congrats, Matt! You’re on a roll. Hat trick time…? 😉

  2. newroticgirl says:

    Good thing I stocked up on fireworks! WOOOOOO!

  3. In the words of my wicked youth: “Rock ON!”

  4. justin_pilon says:

    Right on, TOC-buddy! Speaking of which I need to send Mr. Wynn the revisions.

  5. eljaydaly says:

    That’s terrific news. Congratulations! You’re on a roll!

  6. garyomaha says:

    Let me know if you need some help carting all those checks to the bank. (Congratulations.)

  7. jsridler says:

    KICK ASS! Keep the Rotundo Streak of Madness Going!!!

    Again, congratulations

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