Progress Report, in which I muster up the energy

A day late with this, owing to the fact that I’ve been traveling.  Anyway, managed 4.5K on Wet Work last week.  Cue Magic Meter:

This is by far the most productive I’ve managed to be while on the road.  And I managed to stay on schedule for the month (though my margin for error is narrowing).  So it’s all good, even though I can barely muster up the energy to type this.

It occurs to me that I’m gonna need an ending for this thing pretty soon.  Sure hope I can think of one.

Here’s a snippet:

The dog closed to within ten feet, still barking. It held its ground there; some of its barks modulated to snarls.  The damned thing was making too much noise.

Emily’s hand strayed to the knives at her waist.  She hated to do it, but she could think of no other way to silence the dog.  She pulled out on of the blades and crouched.  "Sorry, pooch," she whispered, "but I need to–"

The dog suddenly stopped in mid-bark and whirled.  Something else had gotten its attention, Emily guessed.  Judging by the direction the shepherd faced, it was in the dark corner of the yard directly across from her.  She peered into the night, saw only blackness.

The dog uttered an uncertain yip.  It lowered its head, growling softly, and slunk away from Emily.

And I’m out.

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