Progress Report, in which lives hang in the balance

Notched 4.3K on Wet Work last week, bringing Magic Meter to here:

Will you look at that?  I’m officially past the halfway point–assuming my projected word count is anywhere approaching accurate.

I actually fell a bit short of my goal for the week, but I’m still on track for my monthly goal, so I’m good.  I admit I dragged my heels a bit last week, fearing the black hole that my second act has become.  But I’ve certainly been in this situation before.  Repeatedly.  Often enough to know that there’s nothing for it but to bull my way through.

I’m also pretty sure that a lot of what I’m writing at the moment won’t survive the next draft.  Elmore Leonard has famously advised writers to leave out the parts that people skip–and I suspect much in these most recent pages will fall into that category.  The reason I think this is because it’s boring me.  It’s stuff I need to know to write the draft, but I doubt anyone else will want to see it.

Anyway, some interesting stuff is coming.  The plot for this one is still very much in flux, and it’s quite possible that an event I never saw coming is going to happen.  Lives hang in the balance.  And that’s kinda cool.

No updates for Write Club.

Movin’ on . . .

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