Progress Report, in which I am unreasonable

Logged about 3.3K on Wet Work last week.  Magic Meter say:

Missed my weekly goal, but I’m still on track for the month, so I’m not stressing.  In fact, I feel unreasonably good about the novel at the moment.  I’d been facing a great big blank spot in my plot, but the muse has bailed me out once again.  And once again, the answer was in the story all along.

You’d think I’d be used to this by now, but no.  Some lessons must be learned and relearned.

Anyway, I have a much better feeling about the second act.  Who knows?  I might even get to finish this thing.

Oh, and here’s a snippet:

He straightened, placed a gentle hand on her arm.  "Emily, please.  It’s not in my nature to turn my back on someone in distress.  I can’t believe I’m totally powerless here.  You want me to keep quiet about this little encounter tonight.  That’s no problem at all.  But let me do something."

She thought about it.  As she’d told Adam, some Christians were all right.  Some, not so much.  She was pleased that she wouldn’t have to kill anyone tonight; she’d been willing to leave it at that, and declare a minor victory.  But it occurred to her that she might be throwing away a golden opportunity.

No updates for Write Club.

Outta here . . .

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