Hugos 2010!

As you may know, the Hugo nominations are now open.  Members of Aussiecon 4 and Anticipation are eligible to nominate.

I have four eligible works, two short stories and two novelettes:

"Fuel," Cosmos (online edition only), April 2009, short story

"The Multiplicity Has Arrived," Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, issue 12, May 2009, short story

"Gone Black," Writers of the Future Volume 25, Galaxy Press, September 2009, novelette

"Canaan," Jim Baen’s Universe, issue 21, October 2009, novelette

"Fuel" is available for free online.  If you’re a potential Hugo voter and would like copies of any of the other three stories, drop me a line in comments.

The nomination deadline is March 13.  Whether you vote for me or not, please nominate something you find deserving.

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