Updated: The 2010 Rotundo World Tour

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to add MileHiCon to my 2010 con itinerary.  So the schedule now looks like this:

July 23-25
Omaha, NE
OSFest (The Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival)

August 5-8
Raleigh, NC
ReConStruction (NASFiC)

September 3-6
Atlanta, GA

October 22-24
Denver, CO

Maybe I’ll see some of y’all out there, on that lonesome road . . .

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7 Responses to Updated: The 2010 Rotundo World Tour

  1. I look forward to seeing you there.

    • admin says:

      Cool! Are you doing Dragon*Con, too, or did you decide against that?

      • Won’t be doing Dragon*Con unless a pile of money fall on me.

        • admin says:

          Well, wear a helmet, just in case.

          Oddly enough, Dragon*Con will be pretty cheap for me. We’re staying with friends, and using frequent flyer miles, so hotel and airfare are taken care of.

          Anyway, see you in Denver!

          • I’ve got an offer to sleep on someone’s floor at Dragon*Con, and I might even be able to swing the airfare. But to be there and not have plenty of money to spend on autographs would be torture for me. (Collecting autographs and photos with the stars is what I used to go to media-type conventions for, back before I started going to the writer-type conventions.)

  2. Hiya. Sent you an email re: ReConstruction in Raleigh. Did your spam filter eat it?


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