Progress Report, in which I attempt automotive metaphor

A meager 2K last week.  Magic Meter meekly says,

Lost two days of productivity to tax preparation.  Really, I did.  But the biggest problem was a serious crisis of confidence about my ending.  I didn’t like it.  No, sir, not at all.  I must have discarded it, then reworked it, then discarded it again about half a dozen times.

I think I kind of have it worked out now, but wow, is this going to need some major rewriting.  It’s way too long, for one thing.  For another, the story’s taken a couple of wrong turns.  One of the hazards of not outlining, I guess.  I haven’t crashed and burned, but I’ve certainly put some pretty good-sized dents in the body.  I can only hope I haven’t bent the frame.

And that’s about as much automotive metaphor as you’re going to get out of me, thanks.

This first draft will go over 10K, but I’m not sure by how much.  But I’ll be done soon.  I hope.

Write Club update:  A little over five weeks on a non-response from an agent.  I’m calling it.

And I’m out.

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