Progress Report, in which I take baby steps

Database has been updated and many mss have been shoved back out the door, some of them kicking and screaming–but out they went, anyway.  They’ve been collecting dust for too long.

Now, rewrites beckon.  But some thought must also be given to the next novel project.  I’m thinking that I might be able to do a little bit of both this week. 

Wait, what?  Did Rotundo just mention . . . multitasking?

Aye, and so he did.  But don’t be too impressed just yet.  I believe I’ll tackle the smallest of the rewrite projects–that wee essay on time travel I mentioned a few weeks back.  It shouldn’t take too long, and will leave me with an opportunity to do a bit of brainstorming.

Baby steps.

Write Club update:  Two and a half months and no response from an agent on a query.  I’m calling it.

Tottering on . . .

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