Progress Report, in which I am synergistic

Finally had some opportunity to take New Potential Novel Project out for a spin.  What do you know?  Turns out there might actually be a story there.  Compare this to Abandoned Potential Novel Project, which had generated lots of intriguing ideas, but no story.  I’m relieved.  Given that Abandoned Potential Novel Project hadn’t panned out, and my general unhappiness with the last first draft I did (for "Just a Game")–well, I was a bit concerned that the story machinery in my head might be . . . maybe not broken, but at least in need of recalibration.

But New Potential Novel Project has got some juices flowing.  I even did a bit of research, which only served to spark more story ideas.  These are positive signs.

While New Potential Novel Project stews, I also need to get working on the rewrite of From Earth I Have Arisen, which is set in the same continuity.  I’m hoping that the latter will help feed the former.  It’s all, like, synergistic, or something.

And since I need to pack for a trip that requires me to get up at some inhuman hour tomorrow morning, I must needs cut this short. 

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

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