Progress Report, in which I am nothing if not consistent

Another 8800 words on the From Earth I Have Arisen rewrite, and another 1000 words cut.  Here’s your friend and mine, Magic Meter, to make it all pretty:

Productivity, alert readers will note, is down from last week.  I’m reasonably sure this is due to my approaching the part of the rewrite I’m dreading–the end, which involves adding an entirely new chapter.  And I’m still not sure what happens in it.

Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous.  But at this point, haven’t you pretty much come to expect that from me?  I should think you’d admire my consistency.

This might actually be a decent story, but I’m sure gonna be glad when I’m done with it.

Anyway, a snippet, for your delectation:

Robin let her hand fall away from her face, swallowed hard. She looked to the brightening east. "You’re losing the night."

"I don’t want the night. This isn’t a reconnaissance flight. I want them to see me. I’d hoped to launch at dawn. I thought I’d have to do it myself, which would take much longer. But with you three here to help–"

"Wait a minute," Robin said. "You want to be seen?"

"I’m counting on it, actually. That’s the only way this will work."

"With Serena gearing up Glenwood for war–and you want them to see you coming? Wayne, that’s suicide."

The thought had crossed his mind.

No updates for Write Club.


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