Progress Report, in which I temper my enthusiasm

Still in dream time on the new novel project, tentatively titled Apocalypse Pictures Presents.  As I reported last week, I now know how the thing's going to open, which seems to have unlocked a few doors.  I'm learning interesting stuff daily, which is kinda fun.  I'm actually tempted to jump in with actual drafting right now, which is rather optimistic of me, but hey, time's a-wastin'.

Still, I think I should temper that enthusiasm.  I could just see myself banging out the first chapter and then stopping dead.  I mean, hell, none of my characters even have names yet.

So yeah.  I'm thinking a bit more prep work needs to be done.  Just a tad.

Write Club update:  Tier one reject from Daily Science Fiction.  Response time, 25 days.

Onward . . .

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