Progress Report, in which I am at my wisest

Eked out some more notes for Apocalypse Pictures Presents, but I'm not very happy with the progress.  Had a pretty good breakthrough a few weeks ago, when I discovered my opening, but since then . . . not so much.

Last week, I mentioned how tempted I was to just jump into the first draft, and figure out the rest as I go.  Today, that temptation is even stronger.  I need to shake things up, to rattle myself out of my complacency.  Embarking on a new novel would certainly do the trick.  It would also impose some much-needed structure on my writing time.

If I decide to start drafting now, it would mark the least amount of preparation I've ever done for a novel.  I'm unsure of the wisdom of this . . . but really, if I possessed any genuine wisdom, I wouldn't be a writer of genre fiction.  Which is the wisest thing I have to say at this juncture.

So I dunno.  It's looking like Magic Meter might be making an appearance next week.  No promises or anything, but be aware that the possibility exists.

No updates for Write Club.

Laterz . . .

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