Progress Report, in which I miraculously avoid brick walls

More holiday-related shucking and jiving allows me to report another 4K on Apocalypse Pictures Presents.  Magic Meter stands thus:

Missed my weekly goal again–been doing a lot of that lately–but I did catch a glimpse of the ending last week.  Which is good, considering that I’m better than halfway through this novel now.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Once again, it was one of those things that was right in front of me the whole time.  Sometimes I think it’s a miracle that I don’t walk headlong into brick walls on a daily basis.

While I have a better handle on the ending now, I’m still awfully murky on how to get there.  This is at least one of the reasons why my progress has been slower than I would like (the other major reason being, you know, bone-deep laziness).

Well.  I have another week left in 2011.  Maybe on the other side of this week, things will seem more clear.

And there’s that famous optimism of mine shining through again.

A holiday season snippet:

“[T]hey’ve been tracking her for months.  They even put out a bounty on her.  Sounds like she was nearly caught in a little town called Delano a few days ago, but she and her friends blasted their way out.  Killed a number of the locals, including the mayor.  As I said, very dangerous.  And they have reason to believe she’s heading here.”

“To Hollywood?”

“To the Hills.”  Ross picked up his glass and took a long drink, eyeing her as he did so, as if checking for a reaction.

None of it made any sense to Catherine.  “What makes them think that?”

Ross set down his glass again.  “They tracked her to Bakersfield.  They questioned a ham radio operator there–some rather strange old man who goes by the name of–“

“Granddaddy Tesla.”  She understood then, and went cold in spite of the stuffy room.

Had Ross not been there, she might have smacked herself in the forehead for not putting it together sooner.  But she’d only met the woman once.

Catherine set her glass down before her shaking hands could give her away.

No updates for Write Club.

Time to close out the year . . .

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