Progress Report, in which I reflect on smart writers

Spent last week scribbling in my notebook, in search of ideas for the rewrite of “Just a Game.”  I had hoped by this time to have some idea of how to proceed.

Yeah.  Not so much.

If you read last week’s exciting installment, you know that I was pretty harsh in my assessment of the story.  Even so, there are things worth preserving.  I like my protagonist, and the relationship he has with his father.  And the basic premise still has its appeal.  I also see clearly some obvious missteps that I know how to remedy.  But the story just isn’t there yet.

A smart writer would walk away at this point, and maybe try again later.  A smart writer would recognize when he’s just poking the cold coals of a fire long since extinguished.  A smart writer would turn his attention to more productive activities.

Yeah.  Let me know if you hear from that guy.  Meanwhile, I’m going to keep poking a while longer.

No updates for Write Club.

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  1. Dave Duncan says:

    I burned almost a year trying to write an article on a historical figure. Much reasearch. Gave up but use knowledge in two stories I have been working on.

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