Progress Report, in which I consult my conversion tables

I pretty much have the rewrite of “Just a Game” figured out now.  I say pretty much because every time I believe I’m ready to begin the rewrite in earnest, I think of some new angle I hadn’t considered, some new nook that requires exploration.  At present, for example, I’m trying to figure out a proper way to appease an angry goddess.

Or it just might be avoidance behavior.  Hard to tell the difference, sometimes.

I am, I’ll admit, a bit apprehensive about this rewrite, though I’m not sure why that is.  So I forced to at least bang out a new paragraph yesterday, just to get the ball rolling and show myself that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Well begun is half done, the saying goes, and according to my figurative-to-literal conversion table, that’s usually pretty accurate.

I’d like to wrap this up in a week or so—which, according to my wish-to-reality conversion table, means it’ll probably take at least two.  Maybe three.

Handy, those conversion tables.

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

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