Progress Report, in which I astonish myself

Some 3700 words on the “Just a Game” rewrite last week, and Magic Meter says,

And just like that, I’m almost there.  Kind of amazing what you can accomplish when you actually, you know, sit down and write the damned thing.  Funny, that.

I found myself astonished that I was so close to finishing.  I thought maybe I’d done something wrong.  Then I realized—no, I’m just working on a short story for once.  I suppose it’s a bit of an occupational hazard for those who, like me, spend most of their writing time working on novels:  you just don’t expect the end to come so soon.

Climax and denouement shouldn’t take very long.  It’s gonna go over my target length of 7500 words, but not by too much.  I’m reasonably sure I can get it down to size.

Write Club update:  Tier one bounce from IGMS.  Response time, 72 days.

To the finish line!

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