Progress Report, in which I run hot and cold

My “quick editing pass” on “Just a Game” is proving to be not so quick.  Shocker!  Nonetheless, I finished a read-through and rewrote the first scene.  That’s worth a new Magic Meter, right?

Had a bit of a rough patch during the read-through, where I thought the story might be irreparably broken.  Now, I normally run hot and cold on a piece at any given stage of the drafting process, but I rarely feel like it’s hopeless.  And after all the work I’ve put into this one, I would have been pretty damned bummed to scrap it.

Fortunately, a few hours later, I hit upon an idea for a fix, so game on.  Now, if I can just figure out a way to cut 1,000 words from this thing . . .

Oh, and I finally hit upon a new title:  “Spectator Sport.”   Trust me, it’s an improvement.

A snippet for ya:

“So there really is a curse, then?  And you can break it?”

She gave a knowing smile.  “Oh, I suppose I could.  I’m the one that did the cursing, after all.”

“Why would you do something like that?”

She stood again, towering over him.  “I guess I was wrong about you.  I thought you had a lot of nerve, but it turns out you’re even more of a rookie than I thought.  Your dad had more smarts than you, and he wasn’t exactly what I’d call brilliant.”

Write Club update:  Tier one bounce from Apex.  Response time, 16 days.

I’m out.

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