Progress Report, in which I make a belated Christmas wish

Busted out another 3K on “The Winter Palace,” bringing Magic Meter here:

Goes without saying that holiday disruptions put a crimp in the productivity, but I’m saying it, anyway.  If nothing else, these progress reports constitute a thorough catalog of every rationalization I’ve ever used.  Just another service we offer here.  (You’re welcome.)

Alert readers will notice that I’ve moved the goalposts, as is my wont when drafting.  I’m actually a bit doubtful I can bring this thing in at 8K.  I’m thinking 10K might be more likely, but a lot of that depends on my ending–which, of course, I don’t know yet.

So I have one week left in 2012, and would like very much to finish this first draft between now and then.  Consider it a belated Christmas wish.

No updates for Write Club.

Headlong into the end of the year . . .

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