Progress Report, in which productivity is just around the corner

A full WorldCon report—or even an abbreviated one—is forthcoming.  For now, though, let’s just chat about the writing, shall we?

As mentioned previously, I had hoped that clearing away the small mountain of busywork on my desk might allow me to see my way clear to my next project.  And in a sense, it has.  That is to say, I’ve realized that there’s little point in me trying to force a novel when it clearly isn’t ready to come.  Although I’m anxious to produce some new copy, I have a work in need of serious revision—Apocalypse Pictures Presents.

I’ve been dreading this rewrite, as I know that I’ll have to basically revamp my protagonist from the ground up.  But I also know that the problems aren’t going to fix themselves.  And if it’s fresh verbiage I’m craving, well, didn’t I just say that I have to overhaul my protagonist?  Sounds like plenty of opportunity for new prose there.  And how great would it be to have something marketable (or nearly so) by the end of the year?  Pretty great, I’m thinking.

So yeah, that’s next.  Gonna accomplish something this year, really I am.

Write Club updates:  A couple of tier one bounces came in while I was at WorldCon, from Fearful Symmetries and Intergalactic Medicine Show.  Response times, 105 days and 164 days, respectively.

Productivity, here I come.  Eventually.

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