Progress Report, in which I am giddy

Aaand chapter 1 of Apocalypse Pictures Presents is now officially rewritten.  Along with a bit of chapter 2.  You know what that means, kids.  That’s right:  it’s the return of Magic Meter!

Pardon me; I’m a bit giddy with excitement.  As I’m sure y’all are.

*takes a few moments to regain composure*

OK, I’m back now.  Wasn’t that just . . . swell?

Well, I’m pretty jazzed about it, anyway.  The dread of this project has been intimidating me, and consequently inhibiting my productivity.  But no longer.  I’m in it now, for the duration.  If I don’t make it back alive, do think well of me.

A snippet:

Gil studied her face, so intent and earnest.  Actors.  The technical aspects of filmmaking came so naturally to him–once one got past niggling details like securing enough supplies to stave off dehydration and starvation, getting permission to shoot in locations overseen by heavily armed and paranoid xenophobes, and working in conditions that could charitably be called primitive, all to make a movie that very few in the country even had the equipment to view.  But none of Gil’s skills with cameras, scripts, or lighting could help him deal with an amateur actress wrestling with her own insecurities.

The wrong word here could shatter her confidence, eliminate any chance of getting the shot.  On the other hand, any equivocation would lose her respect.


Write Club update:  Tier one bounce from The Dark.  Response time, half a day.

I’m outta here.

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