Progress Report, in which I get into the spirt of the season

Another 4500 words on the Apocalypse Pictures Presents rewrite.  Magic Meter say:

Still not great, but the trend continues in the right direction.  I’ll take it.  In the spirit of the season, you understand.

A Christmas Eve snippet for you:

Frankie had told Eddie his story while they’d languished there.  Mostly, he’d babbled about how sick he’d been, swear to God.  “I was so weak, man, I couldn’t have done any digging that day.  Seriously.”

“Digging?  What digging?”

Frankie shook his head.  “The tunnel.  You know.  Under the west barricades, at Crescent Heights?”

Eddie had no idea what the guy was talking about, but he knew enough to conceal his surprise.  “The tunnel.  Right.”

Frankie chuckled.  “Fuckin’ Rattlesnakes will never know what hit ’em.  They’ll expect us from the south or the east.  They’ll never see us coming.”

A great deal had become clear to Eddie at that moment.  “Yeah.  It’s gonna be great.”

No updates for Write Club.

Into the teeth of the holidays . . .

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