Progress Report, in which Santa Claus eats my homework

So, that upward trend I’ve been touting?  Yeah, the holidays put paid to that.  I did manage to get through chapter five of the Apocalypse Pictures Presents rewrite, which puts Magic Meter here:

To hell with it.  I’m taking a mulligan.  Santa Claus ate my homework.  For realz, people.

For your snippet, a bit of holiday cheer:

Eddie drew a shuddery inhale.  “Jimmie, if I tell you, then you have no reason to keep me alive.”

Jimmie and his men laughed.  “Eddie, don’t you know me any better than that?  Don’t you know that if I want something, I get it?  If you don’t give it to me, right here and now, I’ll have to come up with some new game to play.”  His expression became faraway.  “I’ve heard that boiling oil is fun.  Maybe we could cook you alive, a little bit at a time, while everyone watches.  What do you say?”

To punish me for my slacking, the writing gods bestowed some lumps of coal, aka Write Club updates:  tier two bounces from Lore and Buzzy Mag.  Response times:  32 and 78 days, respectively.

Ho ho ho.  And stuff.

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