Progress Report, in which I am as good as my word

So I mentioned last week that word count might take a hit as I handled some business.  Well, I’ve been as good as my word.  That’s something, anyway.

Cut me a little slack.  Taxes had to be prepared, some important correspondence required attention, and I had a galley to proof.  Two of those tasks have been accomplished to my satisfaction, and I made a good dent in the third.

I’ll finish the proofing in the next day or so, and then it’s back to a rather major plot snarl in the second act of Apocalypse Pictures Presents.  Gonna get it resolved, I’m telling you.  Like I said at the start, I’m as good as my word.

In more ways than one.  I’m a writer, after all.

(Get it?  A writer, see.   Good as his word.  Get it?)

(Jeez, I kill me.)

No updates for Write Club.

Excelsior.  And stuff.

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