Progress Report, in which matters are clarified

Life stuff intervened last week, so I’m left with little to report.  But I did manage a bit of retconning that should resolve one of my pacing issues.  Just that little adjustment, however, helped clarify matters a bit.

Not that I’ve had a big breakthrough, or anything like that, but I at least have a better sense of the task ahead of me.  See, it’s not just this current chapter.  I’ll have to redo the last third of Apocalypse Pictures Presents (about 35K) from the ground up.

Yeah.  Kind of a big job.  Bigger, perhaps, than I was willing to admit to myself.

So now I have to switch from rewriting mode back to drafting mode.  But I still need to figure out this infamous chapter 12.

Right.  Now would be a good time for that.

No updates for Write Club.


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