Petra is here!

And just like that, Petra, my debut novel, is released into the wild.



Any questions?

Holy wow, Matt!  That’s awesome!  Where can I get my copy?

So glad you asked.  It’s available here.

What’s it about again?

Here’s some jacket copy for you:

Welcome to Petra.

It is the ultimate prison. Inmates from all of Ported Space are dumped there, forgotten, and left to survive however they can. Hope dies. Escape is impossible.

Disillusioned war hero Kane Pythen comes to Petra on a fact-finding mission, but gets caught in an uprising that threatens to expose a shattering secret. And Rolf Ankledge, Petra’s ruthless warden, will stop at nothing to keep it from reaching Ported Space. If Kane involves himself, he risks losing everything he has. If he does nothing, he betrays the last shreds of his ideals.

The prison break of the millennium is on. Now Kane must race against time and vicious forces from all over Petra if he ever wants to see his wife and daughter again.

Sounds groovy!  Besides buying Petra, is there anything I can do to help?

Tell a friend.  Heck, tell all your friends.  And if you enjoyed the book, please do leave a review for it.

I can’t stress that last point enough.  Word of mouth is critical for all writers, but doubly so for us indie authors.  You don’t have to write a major essay.  Even a sentence or two helps.  And in addition to helping me, you’ll also be helping out your fellow readers.  So, you know, win-win.

I like dead tree books.  What about print?

A print edition is coming soon.  I’ll announce here when it’s available.

And when’s the next book coming out?

Sometime in early 2016.

Can you be more specific?

Tell you what:  sign up for my mailing list, and you’ll be among the first to know when it’s available.

No spam, I promise.  Your email will never be shared, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Well, that’s just awesome, Matt.

You already said that.  But thanks.

If you have any other questions, leave ’em in comments.

And that’s about it, except to say I hope you enjoy Petra.

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3 Responses to Petra is here!

  1. Amy Sisson says:

    Congrats, Matt! I just bought it. I haven’t yet read a full-length novel on Kindle; perhaps this will be my first. 🙂

    BTW, I could not find the link on your actual Livejournal page to leave comments. I could see the comment that was there, but saw no way to leave my own. (I did a ctrl-F to look for the word “leave” but that didn’t work.)

  2. Matthew S. Rotundo says:

    Thanks, Amy! Hope you like it.

    On my LJ, you would click on “Make Your Mark” to comment. 🙂

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