The Wait Is Over: Petra Released Is Now Available!

Petra Released, the second book of The Prison World Revolt series, is now available here!

The prison world is free. Or is it?

A grieving Kane Pythen, exiled on Petra light years from his family, has found a haven among the inmates he aided in a failed escape attempt. But after a devastating attack on their settlement, he must lead a dangerous foray into Bone Tribe territory, in search of a new home before the impending winter finishes them off.

Worse, the expedition uncovers a plot to seize control of Petra that could kill millions, including Kane and his friends. The shadowy forces in Farside are on the move, too, intent on eliminating all enemies. And in Ported Space, the powerful Petra Compact is hunting for the explosive prisoner records that were smuggled offworld—which have fallen into the hands of Kane’s wife, Tayla . . .

The battle for Petra has just begun. Kane and Tayla must brave merciless enemies and unlikely allies to save themselves and all they believe in.

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And if you still haven’t read Petra, well, now’s the time to get caught up.

So?  What are you waiting for?

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