Progress Report, in which I lament my inability to juggle

Another 5K on Petra Released.  Here’s Magic Meter to make it official:

Wow.  70K.  It actually looks kind of impressive when you put it like that.

A lot of talky stuff in the previous two chapters.  Internal Editor would have a lot to say about that, if I were listening to him at the moment.  But I’m not.

I’m on the last chapter of the second act, which means I’ve pretty much emerged from my murky middle.  The chapter following this one promises to be interesting, since I once again don’t know what happens in it.  Also, my schedule for this week looks to be challenging, what with OSFest coming, and all.  Much of the work I usually get done on the weekend will have to be moved up.  Hence, I’m doing my progress report today instead of tomorrow.

Still mulling what I’ll be reading at OSFest.  I had one particular story in mind, but for various reasons, I’ve begun to have my doubts.  I may do a bit of “The Frankenstein Diaries” instead.  What to do, what to do . . .

I also have critiques yet to do for the OSFest writing workshop, and a couple of novel critiques after that.  And an Omaha Beach Party gathering on Thursday, our first with

since his surgery.  And my friend and NYT bestselling author Carrie Vaughn is coming to town for OSFest.

In all, a very busy time for me.  Many balls in the air.  Too bad I can’t juggle.

No updates for Write Club.

Must run.

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