Progress Report, in which I discuss theater

After a subpar total the week previous, I got back on the horse last week, notching another 5100 words on Petra Released.  Here’s Magic Meter:

Act Two is officially behind me now.  So it’s smooth sailing from here to the end of the novel, right?

Oh, come on.  You know better than that.

I’m at another of those blank spots in the plot, one that I knew was coming and had hoped to have filled in by now.  No such luck.  No choice now but to lower my head and bull my way through it.

After this patch, I’ll pretty much be at the climax, wherein several loose ends need to be tied up.  It’s kind of a logistical nightmare.  I feel like a beleaguered stage manager, rushing to get everyone to their places just before the curtain rises.  Not that I’ve ever been in theater, or anything, because I haven’t.  I’m just sayin’.

Adding to the chaos is the fact that my schedule has been quite hectic of late, which leaves me a bit edgy and out of sorts.  So make that a grumpy beleaguered stage manager.

Plus, now that the end is in sight, I’m getting a bit impatient to finish this thing.  There’s a chance–a slim one–that I might actually be done by WorldCon.  That would be wonderful.  WorldCon could then become a week-long First Draft Completion Party.  But as I said, it’s a long shot.

So I guess I’m an impatient, grumpy, beleaguered stage manager.  Except that I’ve never been in theater.

No updates for Write Club.


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