Progress Report, in which I learn the upside of insomnia

Running a little late with this one.  Sorry about that, gang.  But here it is, so now you can all breathe a little easier.

Another 5200 words on Petra Released last week.  Magic Meter says,

The end is near.  Another couple of chapters, and I’ll have this wrapped up.  Best estimate is that I have, at most, another 10K to go.  Maybe a little less.  I don’t think I’ll be done before WorldCon, but I’ll be really, really close.  I might celebrate, anyway.  What the hell.

In the meantime, I’ll tussle with the last of the plot details, while simultaneously scrambling to make a deadline at the day job and battling an anomalous and frustrating bout of insomnia.  I’ve barely had time to even think about WorldCon, much less get excited about it.  But I suppose there’s time for that later.

I’ll say this much for the insomnia:  it enabled me to work on and solve a plot problem I hadn’t even known about until I stumbled across it.  But you know, all things considered, I’ll take a decent night’s sleep, and work on the novel during my (normal) waking hours, thanks.

Write Club update:

Personalized rejection, with nice comments, from Doorways.  Response time, 4 months and 10 days.

Pardon me as I shamble off in a sleep-deprived daze . . .

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