Progress Report, in which I ask for a reminder

You know how sometimes, you have this plan for the week, and then you get an idea out of the blue that has nothing to do with the plan, but seems like it just might work, so you decide to go with your gut and run with the idea rather than sticking to the plan, and it ends up being more problematic than you first thought, and then an extraordinarily busy holiday weekend devours all your remaining free time, and by Saturday, you realize that your out-of-the-blue notion isn’t going to be as simple as you’d hoped, and your plan for the week is completely shot, and all you have to say for yourself is that it seemed like a good idea at the time?

Yeah.  Me, too.

So we’ll try it again this week.  Only without the out-of-the-blue notion that had nothing to do with writing, but seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oh, and apropos of nothing in particular, if you ever hear me talking about website design, remind me that I’m pretty much HTML-illiterate.  Thanks in advance.

No updates for Write Club.

Talk atcha.

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