Progress Report, in which I am humbled

I had a lot of trouble beginning the first draft of From Earth I Have Arisen, so it perhaps should come as no surprise that the same has been true of the rewrite.  Yes, I had some great excuses for last week–I mean, some really primo excuses.  Helping family members pack due to rising flood waters, for instance. 

Now, come on.  You have to admit that’s a great excuse.

But yeah, it’s just that–an excuse.  Don’t think I don’t know it.

Nonetheless, I managed to bull my way through a rewrite of the first two chapters of From Earth.  I humbly present the return of Magic Meter to mark the occasion:

I’m hoping I can cut it enough to make up for all the new material I’ll be adding to the end.  One major cut is coming right up, but methinks I’ll need more than that. 

On the plus side, a new idea for the revamped ending has me intrigued.  If I can pull it off.

Write Club update:  Personalized rejection from an agent who had requested a full.  Had my hopes up for that one, I’m afraid.  But the writing gods saw fit to chastise me for my laziness.  All praise the writing gods.  Yee.  Ha.

I trudge on, appropriately humbled.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks, Traci. Pay me no mind; I’m just whining. I do this from time to time.

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