Progress Report, in which I demonstrate the dollar value of genre fiction

Notched another 7500 words’ worth of rewrite on From Earth I Have Arisen, bringing Magic Meter to here:

A better week than the previous one, but still nowhere near as productive as I would like.  At least the trend is in the right direction.

That big cut I mentioned last week ended up being bigger than I thought–nearly 3K words.  And the fact that such a large excision required very little stitching afterward tells me that I never needed that scene. 

The amusing part?  Even when I first drafted the scene, I didn’t know what its purpose was.  I plunged ahead with it, anyway, confident that the muse would fill me in sooner or later.  Turns out that its purpose seems to be an object lesson in what not to do.  Or something like that.

I spent much of the previous weekend at a new local con, Contagion.  It was much more media focused than most cons I usually attend, and there was no party scene to speak of(!).  Even so, I got some networking done, and even managed to sell a few books–enough to cover the price of parking, with a clear $5.00 left over.  (Thanks, Cindy!)

Hey, don’t mock.  Have you seen the pay rates for genre fiction?  Five bucks is five bucks.

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

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  1. murphstheman says:

    Hi Matt…wondered what you were working on at the convention…now I Feel free to add me..I’m murphstheman here. also friend requested you on FB if you would like to add me there also. Have a great one and good luck with the re-write.

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