Progress Report, in which Magic Meter returns with a vengeance

Another 4600 words on Apocalypse Pictures Presents, and Magic Meter returns with a vengeance:

And with that, first draft status has finally been achieved, as of 3/3/12, 7:52 PM CDT.

I started drafting mid-September, so it’s taken me five and a half months to bang out 90K.  When you include four weeks of prep, the total time spent was six and a half months.  Sure seems like it was a helluva lot longer than that, though.  This one put the rough in rough draft, folks.  It’s too long and too talky, there are some jarring shifts in tone, and I’m not overly pleased with the ending.

All of which is symptomatic of how little I knew about the story going in.  Back in September, I mentioned that this was the least amount of preparation I’d ever done for a novel.  And brother, does it show.  I’m pretty much of a pantser, but I might rethink that approach a little with my next major project, whatever that may be.

Still, I have a first draft, and I’m pretty sure I can hammer it into something resembling a coherent narrative in the rewrite.  For now, I’m just relieved to have limped across the finish line.

One last quick peek at the climax:

As Gil squeezed the trigger, Berkowitz pointed his assault rifle at him.  The two fired at the same instant.

Yeah, just call me the Master of Suspense.

No updates for Write Club.

So.  Anything important happen while I was writing?

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