Progress Report, in which I discuss grunt work

A lot of thankless grunt work goes undone while I’m working on a novel.  (Of course, there are times when writing itself feels like the thankless grunt work . . . but you’ll never hear me admit it.  In fact, forget you ever read this parenthetical.  Let’s move on.)  I try to keep up with the basic maintenance tasks, really I do, but after a while, just getting the words out becomes such an effort that the rest kinda piles up.

Which is why I spent my first post-Apocalypse Pictures Presents week updating  my submissions tracking database and getting manuscripts back into circulation.  Got a bit more of that to do yet, and some other correspondence to take care of.  A couple of rewrite projects loom on the horizon, both of which figure to be major challenges.

In other words, after this grunt work, I have different grunt work to do.  (OK, forget I said that, too.)

No updates for Write Club.

Let’s move on.

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