Progress Report, in which I once again demonstrate my sunny optimism

So blog posts continue to be sporadic, obviously.  For me, it’s been all Petra, all the time.  (And hey, did I mention I’ve published a novel?  And that if you’re a potential Hugo and/or Nebula voter, I can get you a copy?)


Anyway, now that I have basically taught myself how to make a book, I’ve turned my attention back to other writing stuff, like updating my database, getting some short stories back into circulation, and—wait.  What’s that up ahead?  Could it be Magic Meter?

Yes, folks, I’ve actually banged out some new verbiage on Petra Rising.  Which is good, as I’m gonna need a finished novel sometime before the onset of the next ice age.  Got a long way to go yet, clearly, but the journey of a thousand miles . . . well, you know the rest.

A snippet, for your perusal:

“Even that’s too much.”  Loren’s tone was firm.  “We can’t have a member of the leadership council toddling off to Control on a wild goose chase.”

The ghost of a smile touched Kane’s face.  “And now we come to the second part of my proposal.” 

“Which is?”

“I’m resigning my seat on the council.  Effective immediately.”

With that, Kane stood and exited the room, trailing silence in his wake.

Hell, I even have a Write Club updates:

Four days to a tier two bounce from Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.

And after 706 days, I’m finally, officially giving up on Inscription.  I may be the last person on Earth to do so.  I guess I’m just too much of an optimist, sometimes.

Really, though, isn’t that what these progress reports are all about?  Optimism?  Or at least hope?

Yeah, maybe.  I’ll try not to take so long to send the next update.

‘Til then . . .

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