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I am now an Unreliable Narrator

The good folks at the Unreliable Narrators podcast have interviewed yours truly.  In it, I discuss Petra, “From Earth I Have Arisen,” and other groovy things. Check it out, if you’re of a mind.  

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And now, an interview with your host (me)

So the blog’s been dark for a while.  Sorry about that, folks.  I was kind of in Europe. But take heart; I’m back.  I still have lots of catching up to do, and I suppose some kind of report on … Continue reading

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Ginia Bellafante’s Imaginary Friends Can Beat Up Your Imaginary Friends

So here we are, on the night Game of Thrones premieres on HBO, and the Internet (or my corner of it, anyway) is still howling with outrage and indignation at Ginia Bellafante’s staggeringly stupid assertion that fantasy is "boy fiction" … Continue reading

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