Progress Report, in which I talk you off the ledge

No Magic Meter for y’all this time around, sorry.  But before you fling yourself off the nearest tall building in despair, take heart!  It should return next Monday.  So step back from that ledge, my friend.

I spent last week working on writing-related program activities, such as getting short story mss back in circulation.  I’ve been kind of neglecting these, and it’s been nagging at me.  I’ve also been frantically trying to keep up with what seems like a metric crapload of WotF-related stuff.  I think I’m getting a handle on it all now, but I still have another few days’ worth of shoveling ahead.

So carry on.  Nothing to see here.

Oh, one update for Write Club:  Tier two reject from Weird Tales.  Response time, about six weeks.

Hand me that shovel, willya?

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