Progress Report, in which I finally know how it all turns out . . . maybe

5.2K on Wet Work last week. Here’s Magic Meter, for your edification:

Climax has passed. All that’s left is the denouement and the tying up of a few loose ends. It’s going to take longer than I would like, but at least I finally know what’s going to happen.

I think. I’ve changed my mind on this ending a couple of times now, most recently as this morning. No, I’m not kidding.

I’ll finish this thing in the next few days–ideally, before Thanksgiving.

Here’s a quick peek at the climax:

Silence fell again.

Emily resumed her crouch, gaze focused on the broken door.

A soft sound from inside, something she couldn’t place.

"Make me wait," Emily said. "That’s fine. I can wait all night, if I–"

A huge black shape hurtled out of the door, snarling.

Write Club update: A tier one rejection from an anthology.

I’m out.

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