Progress Report, in which I once more avoid the crash and burn

Logged 3.6K on Wet Work. And here’s an extra special Magic Meter to mark the occasion:

The end has come. First draft complete as of 11/25/09, 4:11 p.m. CST. The printout sits just over here, to my left.

I can think of many things I need to fix, but also many bits that turned out better than I had thought they would. Only a few months ago, I was on the wrong side of a second act that looked more like a brick wall. And yet I somehow found the story, as I always seem to do. I keep thinking that one of these days, I’ll crash and burn before I’ve had a chance to build my wings . . . but not this time.

A quick peek at the end:

When he spoke again, it was in a voice so gravelly, low-pitched, and full of malice that she could barely recognize it as human: "Do you know what I could do to you right now? To all of you?"

Emily recalled Halloween night ten years ago–the screams, the smell of blood, the thud and crunch of human beings turned into meat. "Yeah, I have a pretty fair idea."

Up next: I have no idea. Seriously. I don’t know what my next project will be. If you see my muse, send her my way, wouldya? Thanks in advance.

Outta here.

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